Kurdamir Block (WesternZagros 80% working interest)

The Kurdamir Block is located in the remote southeast part of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, in the foothills to the west of the Zagros mountain range. The Block covers 245 square kilometres.

WesternZagros drilled the Kurdamir discovery well in 2009. This well, drilled on the crest of the geological structure, discovered a large  natural gas cap. Subsequent drilling in the years since has confirmed the presence of a significant oil leg below the gas, including discoveries in the Oligocene, Eocene and Cretaceous reservoirs.

Independent reserves analysis shows that the Kurdamir discovery will likely be a very large oil, natural gas and condensate field as it is further defined.

The company and the Kurdistan Regional Government have agreed a field development plan that will enable this discovery to begin producing oil and gas. The development will be focused on the Oligocene reservoir that contains light oil under the gas cap. The plan calls for a phased development of the field with Phase 1 targeting production of 15,000 barrels per day of light oil and 75 mmscfpd of low sulphur gas.  The results of the wells drilled in Phase 1 will determine the target production rates for Phase 2 and subsequent phases.

WesternZagros operates the Kurdamir field, with an 80% working interest. The Kurdistan Regional Government owns the remaining share.