Garmian Block (WesternZagros 40% working interest)

The Garmian Development Area is located in the remote southeast part of the region of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, in the foothills to the west of the Zagros mountain range. The Block covers 131 square kilometres.

The oilfield at Garmian is called Sarqala. Discovered by WesternZagros in 2011, it has proven to have highly productive oil wells. The oil is light and sweet (no hydrogen sulphide). At the end of Q1 2021, the field was producing over 30,000 barrels of oil per day from four wells. The crude is trucked to Khurmala for export via the Kurdistan Regional Government’s oil pipeline. The natural gas, which comes from the oil, is being supplied to a new Ministry of Natural Resources facility for electricity generation.

WesternZagros has a 40% ownership share in the Garmian Development Area. The operator, also with a 40% interest, is Gazprom Neft Middle East B.V. The Kurdistan Regional Government owns the remaining share.